F Sexy time with Semicolson - I met one of my idols tonight,  Crispin Glover ...

Hello, I am your host Mr. Colson and this is my blog. A little info about me, I am a stand up comedian, a Youtuber, and student. Currently, I am attending the University of Georgia. I happen to be hard of hearing and I have a video series about life wearing hearing aids. You should check out my series if you know what dreams are made of. Enjoy your stay here on my blog!


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  5. sodaxfizz said: ah fuck. omg. fuck. what the hell i hate you :( george mcfly i love youuuu … it happened.
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    the jealousy is coursing through my veins
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    Great Scott!
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    You guys have no idea how important this is to Colson. He says, “I’m George, George McFly!” every time Back to the...
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    Jealous.. This picture is full of awesome though .__.